From There to Here

Holy shit balls! Time certainly does fly.

Well, I’ve kind of moved away from Stand Up. I still perform here and there. I wouldn’t say that I quit, I just really don’t have the desire to pursue it as a career. The actual performance isn’t the issue, it’s everything that surrounds it. Trying to chase down bookers, make an impression on them, sending in avails, auditioning, keeping in contact, and then that person gets fired/the club closes. A new person comes in, and all that hard work is just thrown out the window. Trying to balance making very little money, and having to keep up with auto expenses. Maxing out credit cards just to be able to get to a gig and make $150 once everything is said and done. Living off the bottom of the barrel just to try and stay a float. Crashing on couches, trying to fill in voids on the schedule.

It’s like you’re always pushing yourself to the edge of the envelope, and for what? To make some people have a good time? To be the life of the party for an hour? I see that as the old world. When I first started comedy cell phones were just being pitched as having “Color” screens. You might be able to do some extremely limited web browsing, but it was by no means a feasible way to surf the web. There were no podcasts, and Myspace was just becoming the latest craze. I use to print directions to gigs from Map Quest for crying out loud. As technology developed, so did the public’s appetite for entertainment.

Now days, everyone carries a digital device capable of streaming HD video with little to no interruptions. You don’t need to leave the house in order to have countless hours of digital entertainment pumped into your face. My point is the ease of access, and options for accessibility have drastically changed. Why would I focus time, energy, and life on trying to get to a specific location, at a specific time, and making sure you have a specific amount of money, in order for me to entertain you? All while running the risks of some drunk idiot yelling out in the middle of a show, or causing a scene resulting in a ruined evening.

When I can sit at home, create a video, put it online, and entertain you when it’s convenient for you. Basically, that is the direction I’ve decided to take. I’ve started live streaming Xbox One games, which you can see in the side bar link, or click here to check it out:

h3ch Youtube Channel

You can also follow the Channel through Twitter, by going here:

@h3chtv twitter

I’ll still be performing stand up, but with very few road dates.

It’s been real, it’s been fun….. but it hasn’t been real fun :)